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Divorce Lawyer or Family Law Attorney – Is there a difference?

March 4, 2016 | by Max R. Rodden

Is there a difference between a divorce attorney and a family law attorney? The short answer is no. The term “divorce” contemplates the dissolution of marriage, but both divorce and family law attorneys typically handle matters far beyond marriage break-ups. They may handle disputes involving unmarried parties who co-habit, as well as child custody and child support matters.

The term “divorce attorney” perhaps originated during the days when issues unique to marriage break-ups, such as property division and alimony, represented the greatest portion of family law cases as compared with today. Today, disputes between unmarried persons are just as prevalent.

In fact, these days family law attorneys handle complex asset and debt division between spouses; alimony disputes, complex child custody and support cases; domestic violence cases; premarital, postmarital, and separation agreements; grandparent and nonparent child custody or visitation cases; juvenile court matters; adoptions; criminal conversation and alienation of affections cases, and termination of parental rights. In addition, we’re involved in the mediation, arbitration, and litigation phases of all these matters as necessary; restraining orders when appropriate; enforcement of court orders and agreements; name changes; and appeals.

The terms Divorce Lawyer, Family Law Attorney or Domestic Relations Attorney are titles used interchangeably throughout the legal industry, and are not intended to represent greater or lesser degrees of capability on the part of the attorney or lawyer in question.

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