About Us

Smith Debnam was established in 1972 with a straightforward goal: to solve the legal problems of our clients.

As we continue to pursue that goal, we recognize that knowing the law is not enough. Our attorneys are tops in their areas of practice, well-regarded by their peers and in many instances board certified. Our commitment goes beyond cases and courts.

We believe that effectively solving our clients’ problems begins with a true understanding of our clients themselves. The people and companies that put their legal needs in our care deserve to work with professionals who are available, easy to talk to and responsive as a rule rather than an afterthought.

It’s only by learning about their situations that we can craft the best, most equitable solutions possible.

As our practice has grown, we have developed a comprehensive set of services for businesses, individuals, and families. We look forward to talking with you about how we can best put our skills to work on your behalf.

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