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At Smith Debnam, our philosophy is simple – to provide the best possible value to our clients. We firmly believe that the key to delivering such value is equally simple – the people who make it happen. Our most important assets are our professional service team, attorneys, paralegals, and staff. We are committed to maintaining an environment that provides professional fulfillment, actively supports professional development, and communicates the value of each person’s contributions.

The foundation for translating this philosophy into practice is our emphasis on forming strong, positive, and effective working relationships within the firm and our community. Smith Debnam ranks as one of the largest law firms in North Carolina, recognized in the legal and business community as a leader in our practice areas. We complement this long-standing reputation with partner leadership that embraces a collegial practice environment, fostering communication and cooperation on both a professional and personal level.

Smith Debnam Attorneys at Law - Values and Culture

Professional and Community Leadership

Our leadership begins within the structure of our legal operations, wherein practice groups of attorneys, paralegals, and staff meet regularly to discuss client service and practice management issues, ideas, and opportunities. Within the legal profession, Smith Debnam is actively engaged in leadership at the State Bar level and across various national trade and membership organizations, as well as providing continuing legal education in different practice areas. In our community, we build relationships through time and resources with civic organizations that promote community welfare.

These include:

  • The Triangle American Red Cross
  • Ronald McDonald House of Durham and Wake County
  • Backpack Buddies – North Raleigh Ministries
  • Food Bank of North Carolina
  • Triangle Dress for Success
  • Salvation Army of Wake County
  • Read and Feed

We also regularly contribute to our community by providing pro bono legal services that naturally arise in our law practice.

Smith Debnam Attorneys at Law - Professional Development Commitment

Professional Development Commitment

Our commitment to developing well-rounded professionals at Smith Debnam begins with our focus on continuing education. As the quality of client service hinges directly on attorneys and staff staying abreast of developments in law, business practices, and economic and technology trends, we provide our team members access to relevant continuing education, skills-based training, and information resources. We also offer structured direction for professional development through our Attorney Development Program, paralegal professional certification, and other developmental programs within the firm. As a result, successful members of our team are dedicated to continual progression in their professional skills and are motivated by a desire for excellence in client service.

  • Small Groups Luncheon Meetups
  • Smith Debnam D&I Ongoing Training
  • Smith Debnam Attorneys at Law - Supportive Environment
  • Smith Debnam Attorneys at Law - Supportive Environment

Supportive Environment

The firm’s practice support structure is tailored to assist our professionals in meeting the everyday challenges of a diverse law practice. Our long-standing philosophy is to seek and implement technology solutions that increase efficiency while maintaining required security and confidentiality. As a result, we provide our employees with state-of-the-art tools to meet our clients’ needs. Our centralized administrative services also allow our professionals to devote their attention to caring for their clients’ legal needs.

While we work hard to serve our clients, Smith Debnam encourages its employees to balance their professional and personal life. Frequent special firm activities are provided to build camaraderie and provide periodic relief from the daily grind. Events such as our annual new year kick-off, holiday parties, chili cook-offs, and special recognitions and outings for attorneys, paralegals, and staff provide a fun and relaxing break while serving to strengthen our team. Through these and other special occasions, we focus on recognizing our employees’ contributions and extra effort.


Smith Debnam is one of the premier legal employers in the state, offering competitive compensation plans, targeted incentives, and quality benefits programs to attract top individuals to join our firm and staff. The firm’s benefits package includes the following programs:

  • At Smith Debnam, we are confident that our people are the reason behind our successes. We truly value our employees as part of our professional family. Our goal is to offer the very best healthcare possible. With this in mind, we have developed a comprehensive employee healthcare package designed to protect our employees and their families.

  • At Smith Debnam, we understand the significance of financial security and planning for the future. As an extension of our commitment to our employees, we proudly present our 401(k) Retirement Plan, designed to support and empower our valued team members on their journey towards a secure retirement. With a deep appreciation for the pivotal role our employees play in our collective achievements, we aim to provide them with the very best benefits. Our 401(k) Retirement Plan offers a comprehensive and flexible approach, empowering employees to save for their future while enjoying tax advantages. We believe that by prioritizing their financial well-being, we strengthen the foundation of our professional family and foster a sense of security for our employees and their loved ones.

  • At Smith Debnam, we prioritize the well-being and financial security of our employees. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of benefits, including Section 125 tax deferred premium reduction and flexible spending accounts. Our Section 125 plan enables employees to save on their insurance premiums by deducting them from their pre-tax income, resulting in substantial tax savings. Additionally, our flexible spending accounts allow employees to set aside pre-tax dollars to cover qualified medical expenses and dependent care costs. This provides our employees with greater flexibility in managing their healthcare and childcare expenses, while maximizing their take-home pay. At Smith Debnam, we believe in empowering our employees to make informed financial decisions and achieve a better work-life balance through our robust Section 125 tax deferred premium reduction benefits and flexible spending accounts offering.

  • At Smith Debnam, we understand the importance of safeguarding our employees’ well-being and ensuring their financial security. That’s why we are proud to offer a comprehensive range of benefits, including our Group long-term disability insurance. Our Group long-term disability insurance provides essential coverage to employees, offering peace of mind and protection in the face of unforeseen circumstances. In the event of a disabling injury or illness, this insurance ensures that employees continue to receive a portion of their income, helping to mitigate the financial impact and maintain stability during challenging times. With our Group long-term disability insurance, employees can focus on their recovery and well-being, knowing that they have a safety net in place. It also demonstrates our commitment to supporting our employees’ long-term financial goals, providing a valuable safety net that protects their income and helps them maintain their standard of living.

  • At Smith Debnam, we understand the importance of supporting our clients’ employees and their families in every aspect of their lives. That’s why we offer comprehensive Group Life Insurance plans, designed to provide financial protection and peace of mind. Our Group Life Insurance coverage provides a range of benefits, including a death benefit payout to the designated beneficiaries in the event of an employee’s passing. Additionally, we offer optional Voluntary Supplemental Life Insurance, allowing employees to customize their coverage to suit their individual needs. This supplemental coverage provides an extra layer of financial security, ensuring that loved ones are well taken care of during challenging times. By offering Group Life Insurance and the option for voluntary supplemental coverage, we empower our clients’ employees to protect their families’ financial future and create a supportive workplace environment.

  • At Smith Debnam, we believe in fostering a positive work-life balance for our valued employees. That’s why we offer a comprehensive paid vacation and sick leave program designed to support their well-being and provide peace of mind. Our generous policy ensures that employees have the opportunity to recharge, relax, and spend quality time with their loved ones, knowing that their time away from work is fully supported. With a competitive vacation and sick leave allowance, we prioritize the health and happiness of our team members. We understand that taking care of oneself is essential for personal growth and professional success, and we proudly offer these benefits to demonstrate our commitment to the overall well-being of our employees.

  • At Smith Debnam, we offer a comprehensive paid holiday program that includes a range of national and cultural holidays, ensuring our employees can celebrate and honor their diverse traditions. We believe that happy employees contribute to a thriving firm, and our paid holiday program reflects our dedication to nurturing a positive and fulfilling work environment.

  • At Smith Debnam, we prioritize the well-being of our employees and understand the importance of supporting growing families. We are proud to offer comprehensive maternity and family leave programs designed to provide our employees with the flexibility and support they need during these pivotal life moments. Our parental leave program ensures that parents have ample time to bond with their newborns, recognizing the importance of parental involvement in a child’s early years. We provide generous leave durations and competitive compensation during this time, allowing our employees to fully embrace the joys of parenthood without sacrificing financial stability. At Smith Debnam, we believe that fostering a family-friendly environment not only benefits our employees but also strengthens our firm as a whole.

  • At Smith Debnam, we are dedicated to fostering a work environment that values and rewards the hard work and dedication of our employees. As part of our commitment to their professional growth and well-being, we conduct regular performance and salary reviews. These comprehensive evaluations allow us to recognize and acknowledge the exceptional contributions made by our team members, while also providing constructive feedback for continued development. Our salary review process ensures that our employees receive competitive compensation commensurate with their skills, experience, and achievements. Additionally, we understand the importance of a comprehensive benefits package in supporting our employees’ overall quality of life. From healthcare and retirement plans to flexible work arrangements and professional development opportunities, we strive to offer a robust benefits package that helps our employees thrive both inside and outside of the workplace. At Smith Debnam, we believe that investing in our employees’ success is fundamental to the success of our firm as a whole.

  • At Smith Debnam, fostering a strong sense of camaraderie and unity among our employees is a top priority. Through our special firm events program, we strive to create a vibrant and inclusive work environment that goes beyond the traditional professional setting. These events are designed to bring our team together, providing opportunities to connect, collaborate, and celebrate shared accomplishments. From team-building activities and volunteer initiatives to social gatherings and wellness programs, our special firm events offer a multitude of benefits to our employees. Engaging in these activities allows individuals to form lasting relationships, strengthen communication, and enhance teamwork, leading to increased job satisfaction and productivity. Additionally, our special firm events provide a refreshing break from the daily routine, fostering a positive work-life balance and promoting overall well-being. We take pride in organizing these events that inspire a sense of belonging and unity among our talented staff, ultimately creating a more vibrant and supportive work culture at Smith Debnam.

Career Opportunities

Join Our Team

At Smith Debnam, we are committed to maintaining a work environment that provides professional fulfillment, supports professional development, and communicates the value of each person’s contributions. If you want a career where you can make a difference, we invite you to review our available positions. We update our list of employment opportunities often so please check back regularly.

Raleigh, NC / Full Time

Assistant Legal Manager

Raleigh, NC / Full Time

Family Law Paralegal

Raleigh, NC / Full Time

Litigation Associate

Raleigh, NC / Full Time

Litigation Paralegal

Raleigh, NC / Full Time

Recovery and Collection Agent

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  • In this delightful video recap of our 2022 Holiday Decorating Contest, witness the creativity, laughter, and festive spirit that define our wonderful work environment at Smith Debnam.

Law Student?
Join our Summer Associate Program

Smith Debnam has developed a summer associate program that provides law students an opportunity to take their legal education beyond the classroom through hands-on experience and insight into the actual practice of law. This opportunity is designed for candidates who will have completed their second year of law school and who desire to invest their subsequent summer in a challenging and instructional practice environment.

Employee Testimonials

I believe that the firm’s leadership goes above and beyond to make all employees feel appreciated and included, embracing those of all backgrounds and orientations and continually maintaining a commitment to being inclusive, diverse, and socially responsible.


Employee Testimonials

Being a recovery agent at Smith Debnam is an enriching experience that has challenged me to set new goals each day.  I get to do something very few jobs can boast about today, which is earning a decent living by helping people put debt behind them so they can get back to living their best lives.


Employee Testimonials

There isn’t one person here at Smith Debnam that I wouldn’t go to lunch with.



Employee Testimonials

I choose this place every day because it’s a wonderful place to work. I am valued, I am considered, I am appreciated, and I have the privilege of working with the best people I’ve ever met.


Employee Testimonials

My favorite part about working at Smith Debnam are the people.


Employee Testimonials

I joined Smith Debnam in 2019 as a temp in the Facilities department with Sally, then was promoted to full-time in August 2019. In October of 2021, I transferred to the Accounting Dept as Accounts Payable Coordinator. I chose Smith Debnam because I saw there was so much to learn, room for growth and the people were a pleasure to work with. I would describe Smith Debnam as a place of inclusion and integrity. Everyone seems to work as a team and want to do their best for the firm. I have enjoyed working for Smith Debnam and look forward to many more years.


Employee Testimonials

I have been with Smith Debnam for 30 years. I originally came to Smith Debnam when the attorney I worked for join the firm. I moved out of state, but when returning to North Carolina, I contacted Smith Debnam. Smith Debnam is a place where my work and contributions have been valued and respected. The people make this place a great place to work. I have made many friends over the years and have enjoyed working at Smith Debnam.