Triangle SHRM: A Discussion with Employment Attorneys on Current Issues for HR and Business Leaders

Employment Law
September 23, 2021

The Triangle Society of Human Resource Management will host a discussion on various topics relating to organizations, employees, and how best leaders can navigate the current challenges to virtual, hybrid, and in-person work environments, including:

  • Gaining a better understanding of the legalities and expectations of mandating vaccines, masks, and transitioning employees back to an in-office setting.
  • Learning what exceptions must be allowed legally for taking the vaccine or wearing a mask, and what documentation is acceptable/legal for employers to require.
  • Discussing and understanding the variables employers should consider, and some they must not, in making decisions when planning in-office attendance requirements.
  • Awareness of the reasons employees may decline an in-office work environment and learning appropriate methods and options to address the issue.
  • Learning about what employers are required to provide with regards to time off, remote work, and other provisions when employees are diagnosed with COVID.

Employment Law attorney Connie Carrigan will be a featured speaker.

Who's Attending

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