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Brett Thompson Joins Smith Debnam10/15/2014

We're pleased to announce that Brett Thompson has joined the firm. Brett is an elder law attorney with an established practice concentrated in all matters related to Elder Law, including estate planning, probate litigation, Medicaid planning, guardianship, and VA benefits. With the addition of Thompson, the firm strengthens its elder law and advocacy services – an area of law set to increase in demand as 70 million baby boomers race to retirement over the next few decades, many without enough savings to withstand a serious medical condition or prolonged illness.

Read More.. Smith Debnam Receives 2014 International Compliance and Ethics Award10/6/2014

Smith Debnam received the 2014 International Compliance and Ethics Award, presented by the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics (SCCE). For 10 years running, the SCCE has presented the International Compliance and Ethics Award to individuals and organizations who have made significant contributions in the areas of compliance and ethics in business. The SCCE selected Smith Debnam for being the first law firm in the U.S. to implement a comprehensive compliance program under the guard of a full-time compliance officer.

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How to Successfully Co-Parent with Your Ex 10/14/2014

Divorce brings out the worst in people. No one knows you better than your spouse and no one knows what buttons to push more than your spouse. Inevitably, hurt feelings can linger for years after a divorce, and if left unchecked these hurt feelings can adversely impact your children. What if a spouse leaves the marriage for another person or because he or she just got tired of being married? How does one successfully co-parent with your ex?
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Not All Retirement Plans Are Easy to Divide 10/3/2014

Many divorcing couples have retirement plans that they will want to divvy up as part of the equitable distribution process. Unfortunately for some, this will be easier said than done. The truth is not all retirement plans are easy to divide.
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