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Partner Lynn Wilson McNally Adds ‘Certified Mediator’ to List of Credentials2/13/15

We’re pleased to announce that partner and board-certified family law specialist, Lynn Wilson McNally, has received her mediation certification from the North Carolina Dispute Resolution Commission and is now certified to conduct mediations of equitable distribution and other family law financial cases in North Carolina district court actions.

Read More.. Former Smith Debnam Attorney Rejoins Firm as Partner2/2/2015

We are pleased to announce that Caren Enloe has rejoined Smith Debnam as a partner in our Creditors’ Rights practice group. Enloe will lead the firm’s Consumer Financial Services Litigation unit and brings a wealth of experience in the consumer financial services sector, both in litigation and compliance matters.

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Recent Articles

Proposed NC Bill to Provide Private Rights of Action for Inaccurate Credit Reporting 3/26/2015

The North Carolina Senate has introduced a bill that will create a private right of action for inaccurate credit reporting. Senate Bill 357 proposes to include new provisions to both Chapters 58 and 75. The proposed bill will provide a private right of action to consumers when a creditor, collection agency, or debt buyer fails to correct inaccurate information in a credit report after receiving notice of a dispute directly from a consumer, which seems to directly conflict with the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act.
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Tips For Selling Your House After You Separate From Your Spouse 3/20/2015

For many divorcing couples, the marital residence is often their largest asset or perhaps largest debt. Therefore, when parties separate, it is important for the parties to figure out what will happen to the house. This task can be difficult for anyone, much less divorcing couples who were unable to live together or make joint decisions. Following are four tips to selling your home after you separate.
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