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Smith Debnam Attorneys at Law - Consumer Collections
Smith Debnam Attorneys at Law - Consumer Collections
Smith Debnam Attorneys at Law - Consumer Collections

Consumer Collections


“We Do Collections Right”

At Smith Debnam, we have an extensive Consumer Debt Collection law practice that provides comprehensive debt collection services to a wide range of clients in the financial industry. Our clients include banks, credit unions, credit card companies, auto-finance companies, alternative finance companies, debt buyers, collection agencies, and other credit providers. With our tagline, “We Do Collections Right,” we are committed to ensuring that our clients collect the monies owed to them effectively and ethically.

Experienced Attorneys with a Track Record of Success
Our team of attorneys brings extensive experience in the field of Consumer Debt Collection, with many of them having practiced for over 20+ years. Led by Jerry T. Myers, the firm’s Managing Partner, and Consumer Collections section head, our attorneys are leaders in the area of Creditors’ Rights. Jerry himself served as President of the Commercial Law League of America, an organization of creditors’ rights professionals. He is also certified in the field of Creditors’ Rights Law by the American Board of Certifications. Jerry’s dedication to the industry is evident through his active involvement in the National Creditors Bar Association, where he presents Continuing Legal Education (CLE) programs and serves on committees. He has written and lectured extensively on debt collection and judgment enforcement and has presented CLE programs sponsored by reputable institutions such as Wake Forest University School of Law, the North Carolina Bar Foundation, the Commercial Law League of America, and the National Creditors Bar Association. With our team’s outstanding leadership and deep understanding of the creditors’ rights field, we are well-equipped to handle even the most complex debt collection cases.

Kind Assertiveness and Zealous Advocacy
At Smith Debnam, we believe in striking the right balance between assertiveness and empathy. Our team strives for kind assertiveness when dealing with debtors, ensuring that they are treated with respect and dignity throughout the collection process. We understand that a debtor’s experience with our firm reflects on our clients, and that’s why we frequently receive handwritten thank-you notes from debtors praising our exceptional display of kindness and respect.

For our clients, our approach is a win-win situation. Unlike many collection practices, we prioritize expediting actual recovery over pursuing litigation. Our experienced collection professionals make every attempt possible to resolve accounts before resorting to legal action. This emphasis on efficient recovery helps save our clients time and money, while still achieving positive outcomes.

Complete Portfolio Management Capabilities
Through our complete portfolio management capabilities, we offer a range of services that benefit our clients. We aim to reduce the administrative burden for managers by providing an overall view of recoveries on charged-off accounts. Our solutions also alleviate the workload on accounting departments, simplifying the tracking of recoveries, costs, and legal fees. With our proven processes, we can increase your control in managing past-due accounts and improve the recovery rate on charged-off accounts.

Compliance and Confidentiality
Smith Debnam takes compliance and confidentiality seriously. We are proud to be credited as the first law firm in the US to appoint a full-time compliance officer. Our senior attorneys and compliance officer stay diligent in keeping up with new regulations and reviewing our work processes to ensure full compliance with state and federal laws.

We prioritize the protection of our clients’ confidential information and the private information of their customers. Our offices and systems are engineered with robust security measures to safeguard sensitive data. By maintaining the highest standards of compliance and confidentiality, we protect the valuable brands our clients have established.

Choose Smith Debnam for Effective and Ethical Debt Collection

When it comes to Consumer Debt Collection, trust Smith Debnam to provide you with exceptional legal services. With our team of experienced attorneys, our focus on kind assertiveness, and our dedication to compliance and confidentiality, we are well-positioned to help our clients achieve successful debt recoveries. Contact us today to discuss your debt collection needs and discover how we can assist you in collecting the monies owed to you efficiently and ethically.

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At Smith Debnam, we are more than just lawyers.

We are problem solvers, negotiators, and trusted advisors for our clients. Contact us today to experience the Smith Debnam difference.

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